For Sport

Custom Fit Training was created to provide personal training and small-group training to clients of all ages, skill levels, and stages of fitness. And while the training program of each client is unique to that individual’s needs and goals, every client will work to master sound movement mechanics and safe, effective exercise techniques. This attention given to movement and technique fundamentals serves the purpose of empowering clients with the knowledge and confidence needed for a lifetime of fitness. 

For Life

Every occupation comes with its own physical challenges. From the teachers and cashiers who are on their feet all day, to the countless office workers whose backs and shoulders are constantly taxed by long commutes and hours at their computers, it’s clear that all jobs require a lot from our bodies. Whatever work you do, the increased strength, stamina, and durability that come from personal training will better equip you to perform at a high level and withstand the demands of your job.

For Play

For Work

The demands of every sport are unique. An athlete's training program, therefore, should be just as unique. Whether your sport requires power, endurance, or a combination of multiple abilities, Custom Fit Training can create a program that will elevate your game and increase your resistance to injury.

It’s a great big world with much to do. There are mountains to climb, trails to hike, and oceans to swim. There are 5K’s, kickball games, and mud races. Whatever you’d like to do, let nothing stand in your way! With personal training, you will gain the ability and confidence to make the world your playground.​